Xavier Salinas, a potential Republican candidate for U.S. House District 15 Congressional Seat, said working to stop Iran from securing nuclear weapons would be a top priority if he is elected to the U.S. Congress.

Xavier Salinas, has considered challenging current U.S. Rep. Ruben Hinojosa (D) for his chance to represent House District 15. Salinas believes that amongst several important issues facing this country, protecting its citizens should be a top priority for any person elected to represent the district.

Salinas is currently serving as Assistant Superintendent of the Weslaco Independent School District and is a current member of the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District school board. Salinas believes his success in business and background in education gives him the ability to lead and inspire citizens looking to regain hope in a district governed with apathy and incompetence.

“I am very concerned that a regime that chants “Death to America”, holds our citizens captive, and finances terrorist activities, would be given the capability of developing nuclear missiles,” Salinas said.

If Salinas enters the race for U.S. Congress, he will make the following pledges to the people of House District 15.

  • Vigorously work to repeal any agreement that requires the U.S. to train Iran to defend its nuclear sites from attack or sabotage potentially pitting the U.S. against our ally Israel should Iran break the agreement.
  • Vigorously work to repeal the JCPOA agreement between the P5+1 the European Union and Iran.
  • Do everything possible to ensure Iran cannot obtain nuclear weapons and stops financing international terrorism.
  • Pledge to put the national security interests of the American people, and those of our allies, ahead of the interests of the United Nations, and terrorist nations like Iran.
  • Continue to support Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s efforts to sanction businesses engaged in commerce with Iran irrespective of the JCPOA that incentivizes Iran to stop pursuing nuclear weaponry and its support for terror. This includes barring the investment of state pension funds in companies that engage in commerce with Iran.

U.S. House District 15 includes almost 700,000 residents stretching from the Rio Grande Valley to Guadalupe County in the North. Counties in the district include Brooks, Duval, Guadalupe, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Karnes, Live Oak, and Wilson Counties.


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