Memorial with 1,000 roses celebrates life of RGV victims of Covid 19


Sisters Bettina and Jennifer Gonzalez losted their father, a truck driver, to COVID 19. Inspired by Artist Marcos Lutyens work, Bettina and Jennifer took the Rose as an inspiration for a safe space where to mourn those who could only have a distanced goodbye.

Roses made by donors.

 The installation, a truck with 1,000 roses adorning walls, representing some of the people who have lost their lives to COVID 19 in the Rio Grande Valley, murals representing the raw pain of losing a loved one while having to keep their distance, no possibilities of one last hug or loving touch.

Having no chance of a proper goodbye made this space a necessity to people mourning Covid 19 victims.

“Just to let people know that it is very important to people who have lost a loved one to COVID, to have that space to breathe and remember.” 

The memorial brought together by the community has received donations from Harlingen High School and Library and Brownsville who’ve donated more than 800 roses, also invites the public to made donations via their website


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