More than 5 RGV School districts between top 10 Texas bests helping low income students get feed


NPO Children at Risk has released their annual school food rankings for Top Texas school districts. While being in a pandemic, with many kids at home this year has been challenging for all Schools, that didn’t stop the RGV School district from feeding its students.

An Important task for the Texas school Districts since 20% of Texas children are living in food-insecure households, according to Children at Risk.

“When schools with large low-income student populations are not able to reach all their students with food programs, this is a travesty that needs to be addressed,”

said Yael Ross with Children at Risk.

2021 rankings show Donna ISD first in the state, with 87 percent of their low-income kids being fed. “We established meals on wheels, our bus drivers also participating, delivering meals all the way to the colonias,” said Dr. Hafedh Azaiez, Donna ISD Superintendent.

Children’s at Risk 2021 Rank:

1. Donna ISD

2. IDEA Public Schools

3. McAllen ISD

4. Rio Grande City ISD

5. Mission Consolidated ISD

6. Clint ISD

7. San Antonio ISD

8. La Joya ISD

9. Weslaco ISD

10. Los Fresnos CISD


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