Residents of Laredo on waitlist get COVID 19 vaccine


During Monday’s Laredo City Council meeting, Director Richard Chamberlain recommended implementing a waitlist for the city appointments.

“(This will) help provide structure as we are experiencing situations when there are a lot of no-shows to our events, for first doses and for second doses,”

Chamberlain said.

To pre register hard to reach residents such a elderly or disable people, the City will partner with organizations to do a block walking and door knocking. 

Residents of 65 and older have only been vaccinated by 46.2% while 16 and older have only been vaccinated by 8.7% having over 42,000 residents vaccinned with at least one dose.

However Health Authority Dr. Victor Treviño recommends keeping social distance and face masks use, since stopping this could help spread the virus again. If the City opens Recreations centers, he recommended the city place signs outside warning people age 65 and older who are not vaccinated that they are at high risk.


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