Health Authorities urge people to continue use of face masks and social distancing


Full opening of Texas and the lift of face mask mandate is just days away from being a reality, this has many South Texas leaders in distress about what can happen after March 10.

Dr. Melendez from Hidalgo County remembered past mistakes :

“You remember that it took six weeks for 15 people to die and then after we opened up, within four or five weeks, 30 people were dying a day. Then, within two months, 50 or 60 people were dying a day. The only thing that was different was that we opened up the community to whatever people wanted to do,” Melendez said, adding tha the “last thing” to do during this pandemic is stop the mask mandate.

Mayor O’Caña of Mission said: “I fully understand the need and the desire to reopen, but our hospitalizations just began to decrease and vaccinations are still in the early stages. While everyone can agree that the precautionary measures taken by the community have been working, the virus is still here.” O’Caña also said they will “continue following guidelines like social distancing, wearing masks, good hygiene and testing.”

We will have to wait until the end of March to see the effect this will bring to the RGV.


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