Rio Grande Valley is getting healthier


The COVID 19 Pandemic has made Rio Grande Valley Residents go healthier.

An illness that has shined upon us our unhealthy habits and the need to be better healthier versions have led us to look for healthier hobbies and cleaner diets. 

Many that don’t know where to start for a healthier lifestyle have been relying on RGV experts to help out with it. Sal Cantu, the owner of Health Prep Meals, said there has been an increase in Rio Grande Valley residents depending on him to do the cooking.

Seeing the impact on the meal prepping idea, Cantu became motivated to continue helping others.

“I love helping people, so for me that just came natural,”

He said.

Cantu added planning meals helps people see how much they are eating.

“We want to keep it real nice in a good calorie counter, especially carb count if you are doing like Keto or a low carb diet”.


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