City of McAllen announces revitalization program


The city of McAllen is looking to uplift and help local businesses with its new program “Refresh 50/50”.

The program consists in a matching grant for designated business corridors in the McAllen area, it is created to allow small and local businesses to restore their storefronts and keep McAllen the premier retail for South Texas and northern Mexico.

Local businesses that would like to apply will be able to match up to $15,000  from the McAllen Retail & Business Development Department for improvements to the storefronts.

“Some of these businesses in McAllen may not have the extra capital to make renovations and improvements to their original store fronts,”

said McAllen Mayor Jim Darling.

“This grant is intended to be flexible and can help businesses make repairs or improvements to storefront appearance such as update and replace signs, install new doors, windows and lighting; add new paint or art projects to the storefront exterior; or even revitalize landscaping.  I encourage every local, small business to apply for this grant.” 

The Refresh 50/50 program was first funded in 2019 by the McAllen Development Corp. and has been renewed twice already.  Funds are on a first come, first serve basis and are available as matching grants and projects are completed.


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