Vaccinated individuals should still take precautions, says CDC


Many Americans are considered fully vaccinated after receiving both vaccines for COVID 19 or the single Johnson & Johnson dose vaccine, having almost 100% immunization can mean life without as many restrictions as before the COVID 19 Pandemic. That according to Health experts can be true but until further notice some restrictions are advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CDC Guidelines stated: 

Can stay without masks can gather with other vaccinated individuals if they are in smalls groups 

recommends fully vaccinated people gather with unvaccinated people if they are not at risk of contracting severe complications. 

Wear masks with people you don’t know or in large gatherings even if you do know everyone. 

Still wear masks if they are in public.

Even if you are vaccinated you should self quarantine and get a test for COVID 19 if you came into contact with someone you know has COVID. 

Vaccines and following the COVID 19 guidelines will get the U.S. its immunization and will avoid more COVID 19 related deaths.


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