Poll shows Texas divide about mask mandate decision


Yesterday marked the day that many businesses were able to open full hours and many Texans stopped wearing masks, while for many this was a great day, many others this was a huge mistake by Gov. Greg Abbott.

A poll published by NGO Progress Texas showed that while 48% of Texans think Abbott’s decision of a full opening and the lift of face masks mandate it’s a good idea, another 48% opposed Abbott’s decision. 

More in depth information about the poll shows that in major urban areas, where as much as 70% of the Texas population live, Residents disapprove of Abbott’s decision. 

Survey responses found that people from the metropolitan areas of Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio oppose the mask mandate repeal by 60%, 48%, 53% and 56%, respectively.

Rural parts of the state, meanwhile, support the repeal by 59%.

Among gender, only 44% of women support the repeal compared to the 51% who don’t. For men, 52% of them support the repeal and 46% of them oppose it.

The majority of white people – 57% – support the repeal while 40% opposed it. By contrast, the majority of minorities, Latino, Asian and Black, oppose it with 60%, 63% and 54%, respectively.


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