Social Distancing no longer in effect at SPI

Spring breakers gather in South Beach, Monday, March 14, 2016, at Miami Beach, Fla. College students relax and have fun during their annual Spring Break. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Last Tuesday South Padre Island Mayor Patrick McNulty issued an emergency management order that rescinded a mandate for beachgoers and vendors to keep tents and umbrellas at least 15 ft. apart from each other.

The original order meant to be in effect from Feb 24th until April 8th stated Social Distance for the beach between tents and umbrellas, and only two chairs were permitted for each tent or umbrella.

“COVID-19 hospitalizations and the rate of new COVID-19 cases have steadily declined due to vaccinations, improved medical treatments for COVID-19 patients, abundant supplies of testing and personal protective equipment and residents, businesses, and visitor’s adherence to safe practices like social distancing, hand sanitizing and the use of face coverings,”

  The new order by Mayor McNulty stated.


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