More fire weather this week after last week’s wildfires


The National Weather Services have warned the Hidalgo County of fire weather this week, especially Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

Several factors have added to warm weather and this isn’t the first fire weather warning, last week two wildfires happened in Hidalgo County, and one more 124 acre La Piedra fire in Starr County.

Fires were also driven by the 30 to 40 mph winds across the Rio Grande Valley. 

For people near the fire weather watch some things to do are:

  • Keep vehicles off dry grass – your catalytic converter gets hot and can spark a fire.
  • Do not use mowers on weeds or dry grass – if you hit a rock it can create a spark
  • Avoid open flames.
  • Properly discard cigarettes – Don’t toss cigarettes out of your car window.
  • Obey burn bans – currently, Willacy, Starr, Zapata, and Jim Hogg Counties have burn bans in place.


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