Local businesses came together to help the foodservice industry


Harlingen, Texas – COVID19 brought not only a health problem to the community it also brought a negative impact on the economy of our industries, especially to the foodservice industry.

With the closing of a lot of businesses and the restrictions on hours and capacity of restaurants, grocery workers, fast food workers, and waiters have been going through a tough time.

Some businesses like Delgado Collective and L&F Distributors, joined forces to give some to people in the foodservice industry, as they did some other volunteers gave boxes of food (milk, eggs, and meat).

With the vaccination process and the lowering in restrictions, the food services employees are expecting a reopening to full capacity for businesses, for a lot of people this will only help with old debts and bills, however, there is still a long road to fully recover the economy and stability of peoples financials.


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