Travel restrictions, including international nonessential travel, are set to expire on March


At the beginning of COVID 19 Pandemic the Trump administration placed a federal travel restriction on lands ports of entry, as of today those travel restrictions will expire on March 21.

Possibilities of the travel restrictions expanding are high, since they have been extended before, but many RGV leaders are hoping international bridges will be fully open soon.

Director of Cameron County’s International Bridge System, Josue Garcia Jr. said the county saw a reduction of about $7 million, in tolls alone.

The Department of Homeland Security hasn’t announced if the travel restrictions will expand but they have said that they’re monitoring the situation closely.

The other side of the U.S. border, however, doesn’t seem too eager to open. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated on Monday that he has no immediate plans to discuss lifting the ban on nonessential cross-border traffic.


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