NGOs create a facility for asylum seekers


A new facility for asylum seekers is being brought together by several Nonprofits at Brownville Texas.

In the midst of a political blame between Governor Abbott and the Biden Administration migrants keep seeking asylum and arriving at the RGV border daily, coming with just their clothes and leaving behind all their belongings so many miles ago at a place they will no longer call home.

“We don’t have money.  We don’t have anything to drink.  They have given us everything we need, water, cookies, milk for the baby, and diapers,” said Mirna Espinal, an asylum seeker from Honduras.

The new facility will make it easier for several nonprofit organizations to help, welcoming asylum seekers at the bus station, then across the street an office is settle to help them going thru the process of looking for a job and making sure they have all the paperwork they will need for a new life. 


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