Research on Wheels: In search of answers to combat COVID-19


Nine hospitals in the country have been selected to assist in the COVID-19 investigation. One of them is DHR Heal itself, which plans to start testing new treatments against the virus next week. Hospital staff will be working on the “research on wheels” mobile unit equipped to begin clinical trials.

DHR Health mentions the importance of including people of Hispanic and Latino origin in these tests, according to statistics, such individuals are more likely to be hospitalized and die due to the disease.

It is sought to have a greater number of Hispanic individuals for clinical trials, “It must be this way since our community is made up mostly of Latinos and Hispanics and they are the ones that are showing more prone to complications and greater risks” says Dr. Marissa Gomez Martinez.

Understand what treatments work best to combat the virus is the main goal of this research, hoping to help people in general but especially those with previous medical conditions.

 You don’t even need to move if you want to participate, the mobile unit can go to you. For information, contact DHR Health’s Research Institute at 956-362-2390.


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