Travel restrictions hit hard on Mexican Restaurants


Travel restrictions have extended for another month, and after now more than a year international bridges U.S. – Mexico have been closed.

This has mean serious economic problems for some business, this has been specially true for Mexican restaurants for the RGV region, many counted visitors as their regular clients and depended on Mexican suppliers for their main ingredients.

Looking for solutions, Mexican restaurant owners had to cut budget in a creative way but had keep afloat despite adversities.

“I thought I might have to close down for good,” said Victor Hernandez owner of Antojitos el Imprerio. “A lot of the products we bring from Mexico, so yes, we struggled with not getting products brought over. Because of all that, we had to make smaller plates, make our food cheaper… and that was when we were able to make it, despite everything.”

Now RGV businesses are seeing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with restrictions been lifted and many residents getting the vaccine.


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