Experts say expanded eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine may affect elderly who haven’t been vaccinated


Expanded eligibility for all Texas adults has begun this Monday, but Texas health experts have wonder what will this mean for unvaccinated elderly people who are still waiting to get their immunization completed.

Dr. Antonio Rozier says this might affect supply and access to the vaccine for the at-risk population: “We will not be at herd immunity until that population gets these doses and gets fully vaccinated, that’s why it’s so important for us to vaccinate them.”

Rozier also thinks that immunization which is not 100% may get younger people to go back to reckless behavior that leads the Country to such high numbers in cases. “I was driving by Deep Ellum last night, and it was nuts. They had barricades out, people were everywhere. So I still think we should chill a little bit. We’re not quite there just yet. We got so far. Let’s just relax and get that point, and then go out. Otherwise, we’re going to be back inside again, and you don’t want that.”


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