Mayor Darling says McAllen is overwhelmed with the border situation


McAllen Mayor Jim Darling participated this past Wednesday in a conversation with Congresswoman Veronica Escobar and Texas Tribune Executive Editor Ross Ramsey, where Darling and Escobar agreed migration is nothing new for them but transportation issues are becoming a problem.

Darling said McAllen’s Border Patrol detention center “Ursula Center” is struggling with the number of migrants held.

“They’re overwhelmed with kids so they have to find sponsors, they have to find adults because 72 hours really isn’t realistic for the numbers they’re handling so we’re getting involved, you can’t hold them for more than 72 hours and release them. It’s not possible to do that,” Mayor Darling said.

Both Darling and Escobar concluded the conversation by saying that migrants help stabilize their economy, and they believe funds from Federal Emergency Management Agency can help with migration efforts.


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