Texas stop evictions ended in March, but CDC order is still in place


The Texas Supreme Court’s stop on eviction ended this past March 31, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s order is set to end on June 30. This has many Texans worried they may get evicted.

“And a lot of tenants are now beginning to understand the problem,” said Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Place 2 Jesus Morales.

Morales sees eviction cases every week and says most being evicted are without a job.

While eviction is still possible, the owner of the property is still at risk of violating a CDC order, even if the Texas Supreme Court has to lift the order in the state. 

Tenants are encouraged to seek rent assistance to avoid getting evicted, to contact organizations like Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, and to fill out the CDC’s form requesting a stop on an eviction.


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