Vaccinated people should still follow COVID-19 safety guidelines


Health officials are warning people about possible reinfections of coronavirus. Chief Medical Officer at DHR Health, Dr. Robert Martinez, said it is important for people to continue CDC guidelines like wearing a mask at closed places, washing their hands regularly and social distancing. 

“You can still get it, between the first dose, second dose, after the second dose,” Martinez said. “You can still get infected. Although it’s [a small] chance compared to before.”

A recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that the risk of testing positive after having full immunization for the coronavirus was about 1%, from 36,000 health care workers 379 tested positive after getting the first dose of the vaccine. 

Following CDC guidelines can help people to stay from contracting the virus, the percentage for testing positive after two doses of the vaccine is low but is still not zero. 


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