Georgia joins Colorado and North Carolina in suspending Johnson & Johnson vaccine site

FILE - This September 2020 photo provided by Johnson & Johnson shows a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine being developed by the company. A late-stage study of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate has been paused while the company investigates whether a study participant’s “unexplained illness” is related to the shot, the company announced Monday, Oct. 12, 2020. (Cheryl Gerber/Courtesy of Johnson & Johnson via AP, File)

The Georgia Department of Public Health has confirmed that after eight people experienced adverse reactions at a Johnson & Johnson vaccine site the state shut down the vaccination site.

One of the eight people who had adverse reactions was hospitalized for evaluation while the other seven were sent home after no further reactions were immediately reported. 

Georgia has joined Colorado and Noth Dakota in closing a Johnson and Johnson vaccination site after several people experienced reactions.

Health officials have said the adverse reactions for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are “consistent with common reactions in adults being vaccinated with any vaccine”.

In Colorado, a vaccination site closed early on Wednesday afternoon after 11 people experienced adverse reactions to the shot.

North Carolina health officials announced Thursday that at least 26 people experienced adverse reactions, including fainting, to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Officials say they stopped administering doses of the shot at a vaccination site in Raleigh and at clinics in Hillsborough and Chapel Hill.

The CDC says it is not telling health departments to stop vaccinations and noted that mild reactions and fainting are common in healthy people after vaccination.


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