Private Universities could be requiring COVID-19 vaccines for Fall


In-person classes are expected next Fall Semester for most schools, some private Universities are requesting their students get COVID-19 vaccines, but with Gov. Abbott executive order against “vaccine passports” that may not be a measure, local Universities could use to keep their spaces safe.

“We’ve been reviewing the documentation and guidance that has been coming out, at this point we’re not looking to require the vaccine for the fall,” said Dr. David Plummer interim President at South Texas College.

With Abbott’s Executive order, Colleges and Universities are seeking help from state organizations to have a safe Fall semester with in-person classes, if possible. 

“Were seeking more guidance from the Higher Education Coordinating Board in Texas and the Texas Association of Community Colleges to see what can and can’t the college actually do,” Dr. Plummer said.

However, some Colleges may still require vaccination from employees and students, until a court says otherwise. 

“Legally they are, and just because legally they are, they are susceptible to being challenged in court. In the short run, whatever a college decides is what it is, until a court says otherwise,” said Attorney Rick Barrera from Barrera Law Firm.

Some Universities like UTRGV are not requiring the vaccine, but are making it available to students and encouraging them to get it.


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