ERCOT asks Texans to conserve power due to high electricity demand


Yesterday ERCOT asked Texans to conserve power due to a high energy outage and higher than expected demand.

The state’s main power grid release a statement saying that “Due to a combination of high generation outages typical in April and higher-than-forecasted demand from a stalled cold front over Texas, ERCOT may enter into emergency conditions this afternoon.” 

The request for saving energy hoped to regulate outages, however, Woody Rickerson Vice President of Grid Planning and Operations at ERCOT said that they weren’t expecting outages for customers and that the request was just precautionary. 

“Rather, this emergency declaration allows us to access tools that will bring supply and demand back into line,” Rickerson said.

ERCOT declared that outages wouldn’t be expected over the summer when energy demand may also arise. ERCOT said the emergency conservation has passed.


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