COVID-19 passports banned from Texas but recommended by Health officials


Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order banning “COVID-19 passports,” said it was to protect residents’ privacy, but is there a use for them?

A “vaccine passport” or vaccine certificate is a document that shows you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or recently tested negative for the virus, health experts say that it should be on paper, not just apps, since not everyone has a smartphone.

Federals officials say that there are no plans on making them broadly mandatory, while in Texas they have been banned altogether. 

Supporters of the vaccine passport say they could make reopenings faster and easier. Proof of vaccination or a negative test could be a way for businesses and schools to reassure customers, students, and parents that steps are being taken to limit transmission of the virus.

International travel bans by countries could also be eased if people can show proof they’re vaccinated. Some international flights do ask for a negative COVID-19 test.


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