Health experts expect the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to return this month


According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccines could soon be approved to come back at COVID-19 vaccination sites, after the vaccine was paused due to some isolated blood clot cases.

Fauci said “I would be very surprised if we don’t have a resumption in some form by Friday. I don’t really anticipate that they’re going to want it stretch it out a bit longer.”

The come back may include some form of restrictions in age groups, gender, medical conditions, and with a warning so that it’s administered without the risk of severe reactions.

Reports that lead to the pause of the vaccine came after six cases out of more than 7 million administered doses presented blood clots, the 7 patients were women between the ages of 18 and 48, one died.

Fauci said that the pause was expected to be short so that physicians and health officials who administered the vaccine can be given instructions to properly care for patients with severe adverse reactions.

“The pause was to take a look, make sure we know all the information we can have within that timeframe, and also warn some of the physicians out there who might see people, particularly women, who have this particular adverse event, that they treat them properly,” Fauci said.

The CDC and the FDA have yet to announce the comeback or suspension of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.


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