The number of work visas issued increases for seasonal work


After a year into the pandemic, the U.S. is starting to begin a new normal, with businesses flourishing again and economic boost in many states, which has allowed an increase in job offers.

With that, the Biden Administration has decided to also increase the number of temporary work visas issued, which will allow migrants to legally work and live in the country.

Although Experts say that this isn’t enough to resolve the current migration crisis, it is a step in the right direction.

These jobs, sometimes are hard to fill with U.S. workers, according to immigration experts.

“Even during a recession, they sometimes struggle to find U.S. workers that are willing to take that temporary work,” immigration policy expert Julia Gelatt said.

Federal officials said they received enough petitions from employers needing foreign workers, which lead to President Biden increasing the number of H2B visas to 22,000 for seasonal work – excluding the agriculture industry.


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