Texas: Black prisoner dies in jail and battle to be treated as a homicide


Texas — McKinney, Texas, is a city in the state of Texas. The death of a Black man in a Texas jail when he was fighting with detention officers during what his family members believe was most likely a mental health issue has been ruled a homicide.

Marvin Scott III died last month after being arrested for marijuana possession in Collin County. Scott’s family is demanding their arrests after seven jailers were shot and one resigned.

Scott’s mother, LaSandra Scott, said, “What we’ve seen today is horrible, inhumane, and disheartening, and we want these individuals arrested immediately.”

The Collin County Medical Examiner’s Office said Scott, 26, died of a “fatal acute stress reaction in a person with previously diagnosed schizophrenia during a restraint battle with law enforcement.”

Scott was arrested on a suspicion of possessing less than two ounces of marijuana on March 14 at an Allen outlet mall, according to authorities. Officers from Allen took Scott to the hospital because he was behaving strangely. He was released and taken to the county jail by police.

Scott started to show “some odd activity” while in prison, according to Skinner, who spoke at a March 19 press conference. Scott was placed in a restraint bed, pepper-sprayed and had his face covered with a spit mask by detention officers. Scott went into cardiac arrest and was later found dead at a hospital.

Horn said Wednesday that the Collin County medical examiner’s press release “confirms there is no proof that any of my clients committed any misconduct.” “Facts, testimony, and the law, not false claims, will determine the outcome of this case.”


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