South Padre Island warns about an increase in jellyfish and stingrays


South Padre Island is seeing an increase in jellyfish and stingrays, according to UTRGV Research Associate, Mario Molina, the increase is common around this time of the year.

To protect yourself and your family you should look out for blue flags on the beach which indicates there are venomous jellyfish in the water.

Another way is if you do encounter a stingray in the water to utilize the “stingray shuffle” which is a movement of shuffling with your feet back and forth underwater, this movement will indicate the stingray someone is near and they will swim away.

Molina ways that the intensity of the sting could vary base on the temperature of the water, but if you happen to get stung product with high salt concentration can help lessen the pain.

Both jellyfish and stingrays will likely stay in South Padre Island until the end of summer, people are advised to be careful with them and try to stay away.


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