Specialists indicate that, despite being harmless to people, they can affect vegetation


Tiny creatures were spotted at Mother Neff State Park in Moody, Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) officials say they are fungus gnats larvae.

Although its final appearance is that of small flies, its preliminary phase is larvae. This is where it can represent an impact on the vegetation of the environment since when feeding on fungi and decomposing vegetation, they can also consume the roots of young plants.

Given the nature of these insects, TPW officials recommend the following, despite not being a risk to humans:

  • Remove remains and organic waste from plants as they can become a problem.
  • Avoid filling the pots with organic matter not composted correctly. Thus, the development of these insects and the accumulation of their population are avoided.
  • Water the plants only as necessary and drain the growing areas appropriately.
  • Clean under benches or other surfaces removing any algae that are there.


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