To build a border wall, the Governor of Texas will request donations


Greg Abbott Governor of Texas informed that he will have to solicit donations throughout the country to finance the construction of barriers in the border area of ​​Texas with Mexico.

This measure is considered due to the wave of undocumented immigration and drug trafficking. Although details of the plan have not yet been said, he indicated that in the next few days he will share a link with coverage in the United States to contribute to the financing of this wall.

Any donation that comes in, the governor indicated, must be deposited in a fund supervised by the state of Texas in the governor’s office. In doing so, Abbott committed to providing transparent accountability of how these funds were used for the construction of the border fund.

Abbott has emphasized immigration and has taken action to reduce border crossings. Considering that it is an issue of national importance, Texas has taken actions to keep the community safe, keeping it free of smugglers.


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