Out of stock: Demand for generators is on the rise


After ERCOT asked Texans to reduce their energy usage last week, more people began buying portable generators, up to the point of many hardware stores running out of them.

“It’s big because of what happened with the freeze not too long ago when people were without any power,” Jorge Sandoval, a generator expert, explained.

Texans are afraid that with this extreme weather they may have to go without power, risking their health with the excessive heat and high temperatures.
Experts say that if you are thinking about buying a portable generator, keep in mind there is a difference in generators.

“Batteries have to be charged or solar system, those are only for indoors,” Sandoval said. “Anything with gas propane or diesel is for outdoors.”

Outdoor generators shouldn’t be used inside homes or near doors or windows, because they can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.


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