Warnings have been issued as temperatures rise in RGV


A warning has been issued for the Rio Grande Valley regarding high temperatures. 

This Monday temperatures are expected to reach around 100 degrees which will bring dangerous conditions for residents.

Both Hidalgo County and Starr County have been issued with a warning for this Monday from 1:00 pm. until 1:00 pm.

An Excessive Heat Warning is also in effect in Hidalgo County, these types of warnings are normally issued when a heat index of 105 degrees lasts for more than two hours, which is expected today in many cities, including McAllen, Edinburg, San Juan Mission, Rio Grande City, and Roma. 

A heat index of 110-117 degrees is expected for Monday in those cities. The heat index, or “feels like” temperature, is determined through temperature and humidity; if there is a high temperature and relative humidity, temperatures tend to feel higher. 

Residents are advised to drink water and reduce their exposure to the sun directly. Also to check everyone is off the car when arriving before locking the car, and to give special attention to pets and babies, for pets, it is also advised to keep them indoors and to give them plenty of water.


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