Vaccine hesitancy worries health experts


Health experts have expressed concern amid hesitancy in young people towards COVID-19 vaccine.

After a new surge and now a drop in new COVID-19 cases across Hidalgo County, cases in young people continue to lead local cases. 

According to health officials, the number of positive infections is down from last week’s triple-digit case report, but COVID-related hospitalizations have gone up. 

“We, unfortunately, have a lot of people that are in the healthcare field that are resisting vaccinations,” Hidalgo County Health Authority Dr. Ivan Melendez said,  “It’s much more surprising. Despite them being introduced to all this pain and suffering, some people are still holding out.”

Although the vaccines against the coronavirus are not 100% effective, Melendez said some protection is better than nothing. The FDA has approved the COVID-19 vaccine under its emergency use authorization. 

While Dr. Melendez agrees each person has the right to their own opinion regarding the vaccine, he urges anyone with questions to continue researching. 


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