Cameron County urges community to get vaccinated


Cameron County Public health officials have confirmed three cases of the Delta variant, all of the individuals infected were unvaccinated.

Health Administrator Esmeralda Guajardo said more people have been coming to get vaccinated after initial hesitation.

“Every time we have a clinic you know we are lucky to get double digits,” Guajardo said. “People needed to see and hear from us saying that we have it in Cameron County.”

There is now a push to get more children 12 years and older vaccinated as the new school year approaches and COVID cases continue to rise.

“Pfizer is the only vaccine that is available for those under 17 years of age,” Guajardo said. “That is a two-dose vaccine and it’s within three weeks apart plus in addition to that with the two vaccines you’re looking at two weeks after to be fully vaccinated, so you’re looking at a seven-week period.”


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