RGV leaders encourage mask-wearing as COVID-19 cases rise

High school students at school, wearing N95 Face masks. Teenage boy sitting at the school desk, looking away and thinking.

As COVID-19 cases rise in the Rio Grande Valley and with many schools starting classes soon, some leaders are worried more unvaccinated people will be hospitalized.

Doctor Castillo is referring to the use of masks, challenging Gov. Greg Abbott’s order preventing Texas school districts from mandating that students, teachers and visitors wear them.

“It’s a little scary for our parents and we certainly understand that,” said Brownsville ISD Superintendent Nellie Cantu.

Cantu says administrators are having further conversations about mask wearing on-campus, considering the Valley was once a hot-spot for infections and deaths last summer.

“So we are encouraging—highly encouraging—everyone to wear a mask,” Cantu said.

The Delta variant is impacting people differently. Health officials worry children could bring home the virus from school and infect their unvaccinated parents, affecting the community.

Health officials continue to encourage the public to mask-up and get vaccinated.


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