Hidalgo ISD files restraining order against Abbott


Hidalgo ISD amongst many Texan School districts held an emergency meeting this Thursday morning to discuss the filing of a temporary restraining order against Governor Greg Abbott, which was voted unanimously in favor.

Superintendent Xavier Salinas says coronavirus cases are rising in the area and that this  session was needed.

“We’re going to hold steady and fast and let the governor know let’s make the right decision for boys and girl’s,” Salinas said. “Lives matter at Hidalgo ISD. It would be a sad sad day that one of our kids here in South Texas passes away due to COVID caught at school.”

The board’s hope is that school districts will be allowed to make decisions about masks without repercussions.

According to Salinas, he and other board members were elected to make decisions about the safety of their community’s children and that’s exactly what is being done.

Classes at Hidalgo ISD begin in 14 days.

The governor has threatened to file suit against school districts, so the district is hoping to get the temporary restraining order in place beforehand.


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