STISD won’t require face masks on their campuses

Students wearing protection mask to prevent germ, virus and PM 2.5 micron in classroom

South Texas Independent School District is not requiring students to mask up on their campuses. 

This Monday marked the first day of school for many children in the Rio Grande Valley, and though Hidalgo County announced their mask mandate last week, South Texas Independent School District decided not to enforce the measure on their campuses.

Now, some parents with children in STISD say they’re worried for their children’s safety this coming school year. 

“My child is a 10th grader,” said Stefanie Herweck, who’s child attends STISD. “He has a lung disease, and while he has now been vaccinated, we don’t know how dangerous it’s going to be.”

On Friday, Hidalgo County issued the mask mandate for all public and private school students, staff, and visitors; however, the order allowed districts to opt-out.


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